Business Growth Accelerator

A proven framework to growing a profitable business

How Do the One-to-One Business Growth Coaching Programs Work?

They use a framework called the ‘Business Profit & Growth System’. It starts with finding out what you want from your business.

From here we can identify if your business model has the capacity to give you what you want, or do we need to look at making some tweaks?!

What follows, depends on what needs attention or to be fixed first. Your business will have it’s own set of priorities based on where it’s at & where you want it to be.

Purpose: What do you want from your business. What’s the vision, the purpose, the goal?

Profitability: What needs to happen to increase the profit? Do we need to tweak the model or change your pricing strategy?

Positioning: Are you getting noticed with your marketing and are people buying what you are offering?

People: Do you have the right people in your business and are they in the right roles?

Processes: What processes do you need so your business can work more effectively & efficiently?

Performance: How are you (and your team) performing? What or who needs to improve in order to grow the business?

Business Growth System