How to Write Your Marketing to Attract New Clients

How to Write Your Marketing to Attract New Clients

When it comes to writing the wording (or copy) for your marketing, I encourage you to follow the AIDA principles and you won’t go far wrong.

AIDA is based on taking people through the following 4 stages:

Attention – you must attract their attention

Interest – keep or pique their interest

Desire – create the desire for them to want what you are offering

Action – get them to take action and sign up to what you are offering

Your marketing has to grab someone’s attention and keep them interested all within a matter of seconds. If it takes any longer most people lose interest.

Being able to do this requires you to understand who your ideal client is. Your marketing has to match what your ideal client is thinking and feeling. This can be through the writtenwords, said in a video or even through an image.

If your marketing is not compelling and desirable enough it simply won’t work.

To demonstrate what I mean by compelling and desirable, take a look at the following 2 examples for a Pilates business.

Example 1:

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Example 2:

Struggling with back pain?

Is your back ache affecting your ability to focus on work?

Is sitting at your desk for long periods of time making it worse?

Are you finding everyday tasks harder to do due to tightness and stiffness in your joints and muscles?

What would it be like to…

Get up in the morning without feeling stiff and in pain?

Stay focused on your work throughout the day without the pain distracting you?

Move freely and not have to brace yourself every time you get up from your chair or pick something up from the floor?

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  1. At the start of each class we will show you safe & effective exercises to mobilise your joints so you can move more freely
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  3. You’ll be shown quick exercises you can do in less than 5 minutes to avoid your muscles becoming tight & painful.
  4. You’ll be shown relaxation techniques so your body and mind can destress and release the build-up of tension in your muscles

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Example 2 has clearly followed the AIDA principles which makes the offer sound much more appealing.

To make your wording more compelling, you can also include one or two testimonials (referred to as social proof).

Adding what others say about their experience of what you’re offering can make a huge amount of difference. The more specific the testimonials are about how your lead generator has helped them the better. Just saying ‘the free trial was great’ is not going to cut it.

If you already have clients who fit your profile, you could test your current wording out on them. If not, just get the wording out there and tweak it along the way.

You must be prepared to test, tweak and re-test as it can sometimes take a number of attempts to get your marketing to work and reach your ideal clients. The sooner you start the better.

Follow the AIDA model to write your marketing wording and don’t forget to use testimonials. If you haven’t got any testimonials don’t worry, just add them as soon as you receive them.

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