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Episode: 16

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of Human Design with the insightful Steph Russell. From understanding your energy type to embracing your unique strengths, Steph shares how Human Design can transform your approach to life and business.

Steph Russell, a Human Design expert, joins us to unravel the secrets of aligning your energy with your business. She explains the importance of recognising your energy type and guides us through strategies for each type. Steph emphasises that Human Design is an experiment, encouraging us to trust our intuitive selves.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Zone of Genius: Spending time in your “zone of genius” leads to better results and faster success in business endeavors.
  2. Embracing Emotions: Bringing emotions into your work empowers others to show up authentically, raising collective emotional intelligence.
  3. Experimentation is Key: Human Design is not a belief system, but an experiment. Embrace your unique strengths and trust your intuitive knowing.
  4. Strategies for Success: Each energy type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifester, and Reflector) has a unique strategy for making decisions and taking action.
  5. Openness to Receive: Projectors benefit from being open to invitations, recognising their unique role as guides in life.
  6. Initiation and Informing: Manifesters are encouraged to initiate from a surge of inspiration and inform others to create alignment.
  7. Honouring Natural Cycles: Reflectors thrive by working with lunar cycles, allowing for deeper self-awareness and decision-making.

Join us in exploring your Human Design! Discover how this transformative practice can enhance your journey from passion to profit.

0:00 Using Human Design to align businesses with individuals' natural strengths and weaknesses.
2:00 Personal growth and self-discovery through Human Design.
4:23 Human design and its impact on personal growth and business success.
9:07 Energy types and body graph in human design.
13:26 Saying "yes" and "no" for generators and managers.
15:57 Human design energy types and decision-making.
21:02 Human design types and their energy.
26:56 Energy types and their impact on business success.
32:45 Understanding human design for business success.
39:56 Human Design and Energy Types.

I'm really looking forward to this episode as I've got a guest joining me. Its the very lovely and truly insightful Steph Russell, from Steph Russell coaching. Now Steph is an accredited Human Design Coach and Trainer. And she helps service based businesses just like yours to understand what their human design profiles are, and more importantly, how to use them to create a business and a life that's aligned with who they really are. Now, my take on what Steph does having been a client of hers personally is this. When you align your business with how you are actually wired up, things naturally start to fall into place, as opposed to kind of feeling like you're trying to push a big old boulder up a very steep hill. That's my take on it. But rather than me try to explain it any further and do a probably a complete injustice. Steph, would you mind giving us a bit more detail about what human design is? But just before you do that, would you kind of share what led you to becoming an accredited Human Design Coach.

Steph Russell: 2:01

firstly, I love you. Thank you so much for having me here. This is just the most beautiful collaboration and I'm so excited to dive into the conversation of human design and how it is so life transforming in so many different ways. So to answer I guess your first question, How did I get here I have been coaching teaching all of my life, I built a really successful six figure recruitment desk, it was very much in corporate, I coached individuals and then I was a trusted advisor for clients and businesses that I supported. And then pandemic hit. And like for most people, it gave everybody the opportunity to I was set up wake up, but it literally turned everybody's worlds upside down. And I hadn't been very happy, shall I say, in in my role for for a while and it gave me the opportunity to reconnect to who I am. Because on the outside, I'd created this really successful six figure recruitment test on the outside looked like had everything, the great job, really high salary, you know, but on the inside, we were experiencing a lot of different stuff with our kids, the school system and just how I was feeling, pandemic care. And it gave me the opportunity to reconnect to what I wanted who I was, I had no frickin idea who I was or what I wanted. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie. I was when I say lost, I don't even think that's a big enough word to describe how I was feeling. I actually remember my husband when the pandemic hit, and we were allowed to start walking. And I was just crying. He was like, just walk, just walk. And I was like, Okay, I'll just go to walk out the door. I was crying and crying. And then I started on this real self development, a personal growth journey. So I'd had the real business commercial business experience, the business acumen, you know, but hadn't really dived into self development and personal growth, and that that journey sort of happened. And I realised in in 2020, the pandemic hit. And whilst I was on that self development journey, Human Design found me now people say to me, like, well, how I'm like, No, honestly, I don't actually know. It just found me. I've tried to think about it logically where and what. And it made so much sense to me. And it made so much sense for so many disparate reasons, which we'll talk about in a minute, but it found me and I was like, okay, so this is why I'm experiencing burnout for corporate because I'm not designed to work like 70% of the world's population. And I'm here to show up in a really different way. And then in 2021, I decided I wanted to actually launch my own coaching business, I'd become a qualified like life coach, career coach. And then entering the online space, as you know, is a whole different ballgame. And in 2021, I'd launched and within sort of like six months, I was ready to just like, throw it in, I thought I can't do this. I'd invested lots of money and taken like loans and really tried to support myself with understanding the business space. But it's just been met with resistance, overwhelm, it wasn't working. And then at that time, I decided to re explore my human design body graph. And that's when things massively started to change. Because what I realised was, and then this is the work that I teach, there's a difference between understanding your body graph, which even at the beginning, for some people, that can be quite a lot, which is why I like to make human design simple. But the big differences in actually embodying it and actually becoming the work that you are here to like live and how you're meant to sort of show up. So that was really the catalyst and then I started mentoring and coaching other women, about their human design. And that then led me into the accreditation so that I can now certify people to become human design coaches as well. So yes, and that no doubt. So great. So so grateful.

Nichola Page: 5:49

So that's your Journey to what got you to becoming a coach. But there's probably lots of people listening to this thinking, What the hell is it? I certainly I was when I thought What is this human desire, but somebody that's really keen to learn more to do the personal development, always curious to learn more about me, it kind of ticks all the boxes. But what is human design,

Steph Russell: 6:11

I like to describe it as like your energetic blueprint, it is your user manual, it shows you how to work with your energetic body and your aura. So that you can get to where you want with ease. So you can achieve your goals with ease, you're working with your body rather than against it. And it brings together your your DNA, your genetics, along with your personality, and is a mixture of ancient science and modern wisdom. And that's why I really love it because it's not just a woowoo stuff, it brings like the DNA part that we all carry, we will have a DNA we will have the bloodline, it brings that together. And then it's it's built on human design as a system. And it is the science of differentiation and why I guess I'm so passionate, and then why it's made so much sense to me and everybody that's in my world is that we are all completely unique beings. Nobody has the same human design body graph, unless you are a twin. And that's like that little caveat unless you're born literally a few minutes apart. But here's the thing, even a twin that's got on paper, the same body graph, because that's what we call it, we call it a body graph, or a human design chart. Everything is energy and all our energy shows up in a unique way. And what understanding your human design does is it gives you this sense of awareness as to why you are thinking why you are feeling why you are acting, why you are behaving, why you communicate the way that you do. And then once you have this like level of awareness, that's when you can start to have what I like to say this like self love and self acceptance as to how and why things have maybe shown up in the past or why things are showing up now. And then it gives you the clarity and confidence to really embody your bloody vibe and stand in your truth and bring who you are to the work that you do. Because we all have something magical that we are here to offer the world, we all have a unique set of gifts, which are like gates within our human design charts. And we all have a unique, unique way that we are meant to be showing up. And so when you understand this, when you have this information like you did when we when we had that first session together, it it gives you the biggest permission slip to be like do you know what, that what everybody else says, I am going to bring me into algoryn My heart my centre into it, it brings because it brings together the chakra system. And that's one thing a lot of people that are into yoga or I've got that more spiritual, holistic journey, they're really interested in it because of the chakra system. But then it also brings together Western astrology, quantum mechanics, so there's the different variations that it pulls together. But and what it does for for you, as a business owner, for your clients that are listening for anybody that's listening, it shows you what energy is consistent for you, and what energy is variable. And then when you actually allow yourself to embody your human design, you embody your core vibration, so you become the magnet for your desires. That's where the work in with your body comes from. Because, you know, for me as a projector, I'm not designed to be working like a generator or manager in which we'll talk about that in a minute what that actually means. I'm just, yeah, I'm designed more to be resting. And actually, by honouring them, the rest and my rest cycles. That's when like the magic actually happens in the background. Whereas when I was pushing and pushing in corporate before I was going and go in and go in burnout happened in my body because my body was like, Fuck, no, you're not doing any more. So I was in a panic attack had a massive panic attack on the bathroom floor. Because my body was literally communicating. This isn't how you're meant to be shown this isn't sustainable. And so that's the other part that it gives you is it allows you to have this long and healthy life and a sustainable, feel good business, because let's be honest, we all want to feel good. We know it's a journey. But we all want to feel good at the end of the day, don't worry.

Nichola Page: 10:00

We do. And I think business is tough enough as it is can be tough enough as it is you've got to try and navigate around what you're meant to be doing what you're not meant to be doing. And it's easy to compare and despair against others. And you could be looking at somebody whose businesses absolutely thriving, and try to kind of almost copy and emulate that when actually that's completely against what your energy is. Right. And like you mentioned, so you mentioned there, you're a projector. I'm not I'm not that at all, but it's for anybody listening to that it it sort of what does that even mean? And how if we can I know because we were just listening How could how could we create almost Like a visual picture of what you talk about when you refer to your body. So can we kind of weave words create what that might say,

Steph Russell: 11:00

with words, if you was to look at our body graph, you will see nine chakras or nine centres that you look at that almost looks like, almost looks like a crazy sort of tree that's got lots of lines that connect and, and all different things, but that the shapes that you see in front of you, they are your centres or your chakras within your body graph. And then you have gates and channels that that are all connected. Now, I'm not going to go into the detail of that, because what happens is people see their body graph and they're like, Oh, my God, I need to know everything. Let me tell you, if you know everything, you'll be flat on the floor, like my brain has just blown to pieces because it can be a lot. But what's so when we look at it, you that's what you look at the photograph, but where you start and where I would say to start with anybody is understanding your energy type, understanding and embody embodying your energy type. So there are five main energy types within human design. And they're almost like archetypes. And the five energy types are we have a generator, and then we have a manifesting generator, we have a projector, a manifester, and a reflector. Now, generators, if I give you a brief overview naked, then you can sort of say to me, you know, let me know if it's coming up for you. But I don't go too deep. But so a generator or a manifesting generator, they make up 70% of the world's population together. And you beautiful people, and I can say you because you are one of them, have a what we call a defined sacral. So you've got access to this like consistent lifeforce and an energy, you are like the builders of the planet, you are born to work and love the work that you do. And when you are excited by something, if you're a generator, or managing, then you will feel this like hell yes. sacral response. And one of the biggest things that human design did for me does for everybody has done for my kids. And how we make decisions is if you're a generator on managing, it's really for everybody, but particularly for you dropping out of the mind and into the body. And if something doesn't feel not think if something doesn't feel a hell, yes, it means hell no. And it's really trust in that sacral response. And it's usually quite a physiological response, like, most generators, or managers would almost move like my kids definitely do. If I'm like, do you want Shreddies? For breakfast? They're like, yes, they like jump up in this like excitement. And, and so it's really an the biggest thing for a generator or managing a manifesting generator, I'm gonna keep referring to it as Mani Jen, because that's just what I've labelled it as. The biggest thing is, it's really easy for you to say, yes, your biggest challenge in your life and business is learning to say no, because so much of your energy throughout your whole life would have been committed out of a place of duty obligation, or from that place of should and I do little, quote marks there, like, show how you should be showing up or what you should be doing. And actually, it's unlearning to relearn your truth and that one of my clients actually was a manager. And she said, the first thing she said, to me was, I've realised the whole of my business has been created from a place of should no fucking wonder I'm feeling massive resistance and overwhelm and burnout right now is like, yes. So let's bring that back into alignment start leaning into how does it feel? And actually, I might add, if it's alright, Nick, that you can download your body graph. If some people are even wondering where the hell do I access? You can get it from my website, which is www dot Steff russell.me. I'm not sure Nick, if you'll put this in the show notes for people to use, it will be in the show notes if you want to download it. And then if you have only just gone to get it because I probably should have said that at the beginning then re listen to the whole thing again, and make some notes. But that's really a generator and manager and he's really leaning into that hell if it's not a hell yes, it means hell no. And, and so that's really

Nichola Page: 14:58

and I think I can just add add to that when when you first told me about that, because obviously as we've already established, I fall into that category. But I was like when you said or you could take on too much you say yes to everything. Oh my god. Yes, that is absolutely true. And it was only what the whole I rebranded my whole business name, the whole logo and everything that was off the back of that conversation that I initially had with you and I often have to remember to ask myself, Am I saying yes to this thing that's been presented to me because I think I should or chitin like you say drop out of your head and into is this How does it feel? Is this a hell yes. Or hell no. And even today, actually having a conversation with a potential new client. I wasn't Get on a hell yes. And it felt good to say to that person, you know what I don't think I'm the best fit for you, it's. And it's important to do this. And I don't

Steph Russell: 16:01

know if we'll cover it in this episode. But we all have this inner compass, right, we all have our own personal GPS as to how we can make a line decisions based on who we really are. And that's what we call authority within human design. And that's where I'd say, so we're talking about the energy types, but we'll be looking at the strategy, and then also the authority. But when we understand how we get to make decisions from an energetic body, and aura, that's when we have confidence in our ability as to what things are and aren't correct, or maybe people that you say that are or aren't correct. And you can do it from a place of trust, like we all have this innate trust within us, we have it from the minute that we're born, every single person is born of completely free spirit. It's only as we have these years of conditioning. And there's obviously lots of well meaning and childhood and great childhood conditioning that we need. But there's also lots of conditioning and programming from the education system, you know, and all these things that hasn't necessarily served us. And then we then we lose that trust in our own ability in ourselves, which is why a lot of people can get overwhelmed or they doubt themselves. And so recognising that when you explore your human design, use your strategy. So for a managing and a generator, it's responding to that sacral sacral urge. And actually, what I meant to add in is how you access that sacral is by asking yourself this or that yes or no questions? Do I feel excited by this? Do I want if you're a generator on managing, and you're asking yourself, or if somebody external is asking you lots of open ended questions like what, what would you like to do or why or how that just gets the mind going rather than that sacral response. And so that's something that's actually another really important thing, if you take anything away from this today, if you're a generator and managing, it's using those direct questions to access that sacral and then exploring what your authority is, as well, which again, we won't, we won't necessarily dive into today. But I know for you, you're an emotional authority, and 50% of the world's population have got a constant emotional chemical wave flowing through their body. Like that, in itself is frickin life changing. I honestly truly, truly believe if more people knew about this, we wouldn't be in a mental health crisis. Because we would be understanding what's going on with us biologically chemically. And then how we get to work with our emotions for example. And so if you're you could be like you are generator or managing and then your authority is emotional authority. So then that's also right in that emotional wave. There's no right decision in the now sleeping on things and then asking that direct question then accessing that sacral response. The next day once you've slept on it, do I still feel excited about this? Is this a hell yes, I'm really leaning into it. I feel like I've gone into the authorities slightly there but I couldn't not because I'm talking to you and you know how passionate I get but tell me to breathe and tell me to stop. Okay,

Nichola Page: 19:10

so we've covered generator manifesting generator, but let's talk about and just to be clear, you can download the guide and once you do the get the sorry, not the guide the graph you can do a graph right and it will tell you whether you are a generator manifesting generator projector all of those so just for anybody listening is like how do I know what one of those I am by doing the graph yourself? You will It

Steph Russell: 19:41

will tell on the right hand side, download it from my website, you'll have the image or if you hit download for PDF, you'll have the image on the left and then on the right you'll have your name your details. And then it will say energy type and that's what we're leaning into today is what we've spoken about already the generator and managing and if it's alright with you, Nick, I'd love to talk about a little bit about the being a projector and a manifester.

Nichola Page: 20:05

Yes, that I was gonna say. So tell us about the others.

Steph Russell: 20:09

The main difference with a projector manifester, and reflector is they do not have a defined sacral. So when I say sacral again, people might be thinking what the fuck is she talking about? When you look at the body graph at the chart, you will see that there's these different shapes and the square which is one up from the bottom. If you are a projector, manifester, or reflector that will be white that won't be coloured in whereas for a generator or managing that will be coloured okay. But so, as a projector, manifester or reflector one of the biggest things of human design is your energy you do have energy your energy looks at feels very differently compared to 70% of the world around you. So a projector, your your zone of genius is being able to ask. Being able to give such deep clarity to others and being able to ask the right questions. Now you're the strategy is being open to receive invitations waiting for invitations and again some people say to me, What the hell does that mean wait for an invitation? What is it going to turn up in the bloody post? Now my friends the days of Royal Mail are slightly over and delayed. When we talk about invitation within human design as a projector, we because you're alright if you are a projector and I am one because we can give such deep clarity to other people, particularly one to one. You want to be invited into the space to give your insights to give your wisdom to give your opinions because otherwise we can penetrate into other people's auras so much it can make them be like Hell No Who is this wardrobe woman who does she think giving me advice and I haven't asked for her to do that. So that's what we talk about when we say waiting for an invitation and and one of the biggest things is you're not designed to to work work work you're actually designed to rest rest rest and then work you're designed to be able to honour the on and off phases that you move through you are not you don't have that sacral energy you're not designed to be going and going whereas the generator and managing and my whole household had generators and managers right they are like the bloody Duracell bunny thing the battery that could just see the adverts where they just don't stop and they just keep going and I'm like holy shit I'm knackered I was ready for bed by like three o'clock and user all still going What is wrong with you? But I know clearly there's nothing wrong with them. It's just who they are. Oh, it's your energy type. And so it's really for a projector is been there's there's the magic in the resting there's the magic in in I say honouring honouring that truth as a service based business owner that we don't have to be on again in quote marks all the time. We don't have to be like feeling like so high vibe. There's so much bullshit in the online space, particularly as well you know that you've got to be right up here and really high vibe to attract everything. If you are a projector, and a manifester, or reflector that's not your core vibration, everything is vibrating. And when you embody the rest when you allow yourself to maybe again, it's redefining what rest looks like. So for me resting can be laying on the bed or sitting on the sofa engaging with connections on social media. Social media was literally designed for projectors manifest errs and reflectors because you can be laying in your pants, you know, having conversations and nobody knows or like me wearing a t shirt like I am today that no one can see that's not been ironed. And you can just really honour that space.

Nichola Page: 23:50

Yeah, perfect. Okay. So are we saying then the projectors, reflectors and manifest is are kind of live? Very different.

Steph Russell: 24:01

The similarities, they don't have the defined sacral so they don't have that access to that lifeforce energy. So the difference with a manifesto and projectors they make up about 20 to 21% of the world's population, right. Manifest is just just so powerful rare. Firstly is what I have to say about manifestos they make up 9% of the world's population. And manifest is they have a traditional human design language, they call it that or is closed and repelling. And sometimes people are like, Oh, my God, what do I do with that? Let me tell you what it is. manifestos are so big, like they are so powerful, they've got these, these powerful aura, and this real powerful energy, and that aura protects them so that it repels people that aren't for them, and lets people through that are meant to be for them. So how I like to describe a manifester energy type is they are here to really initiate they are and to inform people of the action that they're taking, because that energy moves in like in creative surges of inspiration, followed by these periods of rest again, but these creative surges of inspiration, they can be fucking big, like, let me tell you, they can be so powerful and you're like, where has this person come from and like they are literally on fire. But then this period of rest is so that they can recharge their battery. Now, now a manifest I like to say that they're very much the, their own track, they're the train driver. They are they know where they're going. They know the destination that they're heading in. People might come along but no one is going to bloody derail them energetically. They are like a powerhouse, right? But that's why this aura of theirs protects them so that it can chuck people off or don't even let Anybody on the bloody train that isn't right for them, and then can allow the doors to open for people that Oh, can you still hear me I just had a thing pop up on my thing allows people to hop on and so, so for manifests is it's really, really understanding and recognising that like, as well, you know, this is why I'm so passionate and I haven't really spoke about it here. But I'm so passionate about, you know, kids being raised by their designs and parents having this awareness because manifestos aren't here to be parented in traditional forms, they manifest as fear really don't like being controlled, and they want to be able to go out there and initiate and then part of what a manifester needs to do in order to like smooth this ripple effect almost is just to inform people. So if you're a service based business owner and you're like, I'm a manifester, oh my god, this is making so much sense. It's informing people of the direction that you're heading, it's informing your clients or your audience of the steps that you're taking because people want to know what you're doing so that they've got the opportunity to come in and join you. That's how you become magnetic for your like your audience and your clients.

Nichola Page: 27:04

And the last one, then, just what's the difference with a reflector? How is that any

Steph Russell: 27:10

looks reflect his body graph, every single chakra or centre, however you want to identify as will be white, they will have no defined centres or chakras, no colour on that body graph, it will be completely white. And a reflector are the true reflectors the true empaths like they are the real sensitive human beings of this world. And they are and when sometimes I can say this because people say to me, Oh, is it good that I've got lots of colour? Or is it bad that I've got lots of white, there's no good or bad in any of what I teach is no good or bad in anything. We share knowledge, we have the information and we take the highest expression. And at for a reflector, they are really here to work with our natural cycles, they are here part of their strategy is working with the lunar cycle, because reflectors can be really passionate, but they can also because they're so open. And when I say open when you've got white on your body graph, and this applies to everybody, but a reflector, you're looking at the chart, and every single chakra is white, other people will have white chakras or centres on their body graph. And wherever we have white, this means that we are absorbing and amplifying the attributes of those centres. So let me give you an example. So reflector will have a undefined or open emotional centre where the nervous system sits, which means there'll be absorbing and amplifying other people's emotions, other people's sensitivities. And they won't necessarily recognise that or realise it because they didn't have this information maybe until now. And what what can happen is because they can then absorb other people's high vibe emotions, for example, they can then make decisions really quickly. And then they move through naturally the lunar cycle and be like, why the bloody hell did I invest in that brand in person? Or why the bloody hell did I invest in that sound, so I'm not feeling it at all right now. Which is where the beauty can come if you can start to work with your natural cycles, your lunar cycles, your menstrual cycles really start to connect in intuitively. And connecting to What does surprise feel like that's what I like to say to a reflector, that's your signature feeling nice surprise, what brings that feeling of surprise in your life, do more of that. And you will attract more of what you're calling in. And because the reflector Could, could easily be really out there in the world, or they could be really pulled back and hiding behind the doors. Because again, they've committed their energy and absorbed and amplified and taken, taken steps taken stress, you take an action from a place that isn't aligned with who they really are.

Nichola Page: 29:58

Okay, all right, and lots, so a lot to take in. And not today. The key thing is you've got to know your energy, type your archetype to then drill into that. But why? Why do you feel that knowing what your archetype energy type is? Why is it so important, particularly if you're running your own business

Steph Russell: 30:20

because it shows you how to become magnetic for what you're calling and it shows you how to get to where you want with ease, like so many people. You know, let's be honest, when we're running a service based business, it's looking at how we can attract money, how we can attract clients, how we can meet our goals, whether that's financial, whether that's you know, from a business perspective, whatever that is, whatever that goal is that you're working towards. If, for example, you are a manifester. and you are trying to, to follow a strategy where you're like forcing yourself to show up on social media or you're forcing yourself to go and do this session that you've agreed or this collaboration. And it's really when you're moving through this phase of like, off, like, as a manifester, you're wanting to honour the rest, that's actually if you're taking action that isn't aligned with who you are, you'll actually be blocking and repelling the things that you are calling in. Because everything is energy, everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. And, and so we pick up on other people's energy. And so once you understand how to take that action that is aligned with who you are, how to use your strategy, how to respond as a generator, or managing to things that light you up to things that make you feel excited, that's when you can spend all day doing those things. And why I'm so passionate about is it gives you the awareness that managers for example, manifesting generators, a lot of money, Jones either have or had had an ADHD style ADHD style diagnosis, that energy is very to people looking in, it seems quite scattered. But for people that are a manager and looking out, everybody else is going at bloody snail's pace, right. And they're going to start and stop things, they're going to pick things up, put things down, pick things up. But society tries to teach us that we're meant to be going from A to B, it's just not bloody true. If you're a manager, and you're not that you're not going to be able to do it. And if you're trying to just go from A to B, you will burn out. But so what you can do is have this awareness and think like, do I need a VA? Or do I need someone that can support we support me so that I get 75% of the way, and then someone else can take me 25% To take me over the line. It's having this knowledge and this information about yourself so that you can create from this place of truth. So you have a sustainable business, and you have the longevity and you feel good. Yeah,

Nichola Page: 32:46

and you mentioned right at the very start thing about being in your zone of genius. So and I think that's it when you when you can, particularly if you're running your own business to view, I'm sure it applies across the board regardless, but why I say if you're trying to run your own business, the more you can spend in your own zone of genius, the better the results you're gonna get, the faster you're gonna get to wherever it is that you want to get to. If that's what you're saying here. Zona genius is like living Yeah, being truth,

Steph Russell: 33:17

if you're a generator, managing, for example, when you're lit up, when you're excited about something, you can spend all day doing it, you're born to work and love the work that you do. But if you are spending all day trying to create, like, a sales page, for example, if it's online, or you're trying to create, like content for a marketing flyer, if it's offline, and you're and you're not lit up by you, you're gonna get met with resistance, and then you're not going to be able to deliver on it, maybe how you would want to because you're not excited by it. So what you could do is then look at okay, who who can I collaborate with? How can I partner with someone that can do the bit that I don't love, and that I can focus on my zone of genius, which may be podcasting, or maybe actually teaching sessions, you know, and again, just gives you that intuitive awareness, and then allows you to trust yourself with the action that in the decisions that you're making? Yeah. Can

Nichola Page: 34:06

you can you share? Can you think of any examples of maybe in your clients? Or maybe this is for you? How that all the kind of impact that understanding your your human design can have, particularly on your business? Are there any examples that you could share with us to just to show how maybe somebody had really struggled, they understood what the human design was, and then things started to fall? And I think, a

Steph Russell: 34:34

great example beginning about how it then gave you I guess, would you say permission, or the clarity to then and the confidence to them? redo your branding to change your logo to put like you your emotional self and your heart centred self into what you do?

Nichola Page: 34:52

Yeah, funnily enough, this podcast is from passion to profit, heart centred strategies for fit pros. And that's where that came from the hearts because I understood that that my energy needed that so actually, you came up with that idea. You didn't even know you came up with the idea for for actually the title of this podcast. But But yeah, and I think it is easier every time I speak to you, it reminds me you need to keep stay connected with this because I had been struggling to make some decisions about certain things. And you know, when you just like, something is not quite right, you push against it doesn't really work. And you do have and it's like, oh, we had the conversation. I invited you to be on this podcast, which by the way, and you always do this, which I love you go. I'm going to sit with that asleep, but whatever you I'm going to thank you for the invitation. I'm going to sit with that and I'll come back to you and let you Now if it's a yes, I think it is, but I'm going to sit with it. So you always take that time.

Steph Russell: 35:57

difference with I think, you know, with so many, you know, clients or people that I speak to that that's a difference in understanding and then embodying it. And he is, we are human, we have spent so long, there's so much conditioning around, again, how we should be showing up how we're meant to be doing things. And we're here to, you know, we could talk about profile, which is another element of human design, which, you know, I know was a big thing for you. And a lot of people are here to ride the trial and error and to experience the ups and downs. And actually, if, if you like me, and like you, we've got a defined solar plexus, if you are, when you look at your chart that you download, and it says your emotional authority, I am talking to you right now to you're here, you've got this constant emotional chemical wave flowing through your body, but we've been made by society to believe that we should be feeling a certain way. But it's all bullshit. Like, when we bring our emotions into the work that we do, we empower others to show up as who they are, we raise the emotional intelligence of the collective, we show people that you can bring your heart centred self, you can take off the mask, so you can bring your full self into the work that you do. And, and yeah, one of my clients, so she was a was, she still is an incredible hypnotherapist, and but she had been on this for like spiritual development path as well. And a lot of my clients end up going through this sort of spiritual awakening. And she was wanting to change things up in her business, but she just was in her head too much. She couldn't make the decision, she was sitting on things, there's a lot of procrastination that was coming up. And then when we had the session, we don't dived into things. And it gave her the awareness and understanding that actually, she is a really intuitive person, it's just her old conditioning that she's held on to from the open centres that's made her believe she couldn't be bringing that in and shouldn't be bringing that into the work that she does. Whereas now, all of her branding is about mind body soul connection, and bringing that element in. And now she said to me the other day, actually, while I'm sleeping on everything, and it's amazing, because whereas before, if we're emotional authorities, if we've got that we can at times, you know, be or could have been, shall I say, hot headed? You know, I've done it before in the past, I would have I would have sent the message a wake up the next day, and I think, Oh, why the fuck did I do that what I've done now, the karmic ripple effects, let me tell you can be huge. This is the power of Ryan, this is the beauty of these conversations is we can fucking own it like, this is part of our life learning, like, I still do it, my kids trigger me every single day, they hear to like, I have to ride that emotional wave and learning to respond rather than react. And, and, and, and it gets to be part of our journey, we get to embrace that. And we get to bring that to what we do. And, and it's a bit like if you're we'll just mentioned if you've got like a defined spleen, for example, which is when you look at your body graph, the triangle on the far left hand side, you're you are really intuitive. You'll have this like spontaneous inner knowing whether someone somewhere something isn't, is or isn't right for you. And again, it's really physiological, it shows up once. And now because I've really embodied there I get full body Guzman was like I've got right now literally, in this moment, having this conversation with you that this is like such a hell yes, this is such so beautifully aligned. And you get it you get to lean into that trust that we have everything we need within us, like we really, really do. And we've given our power away for far too long, looking external, searching for answers when we're feeling lost. But actually, when you feel like that, the biggest thing you can do is come back into yourself come back into your truth. And to really understand that and to and to recognise that we're all magical. We're all powerful. We've all got something completely unique that we're bringing to this to this world and to our clients, and that there is enough space for everybody.

Nichola Page: 39:56

Amen to that. So true. So we could go on for hours. Unfortunately, we do not have hours to go on. So if we could if we could just kind of summarise this first and foremost, people need to go to your website, the links in the show notes. They need to go to your website and do do is it what is it a quiz, what is it they've got got to do tell them how they how they get you

Steph Russell: 40:20

so much for asking. You put in your name, your date of birth, your time of birth, and this is going to be another little thing we can mention date of birth time of birth and place of birth, and then just put your email address in. I don't do spammy Pammi I literally deliver anything that's intuitive that's going to support you on your human design journey. And that's how you get your chart now. The question that might come up because we had this question, didn't we with yourself now it's it's all coming back to me. What if I don't know my birth of my birth of time? Here we go. jet lag time of birth. So it is time of birth,

Nichola Page: 40:54

your time of birth, then there's ways we can get around it. We can play little games spot the difference. But I'm telling you now if you're brand new to human design, you won't have the foggiest. So just send me a DM on Instagram at I am Sephora. So just send me a DM and I can do a little spot the difference for you, I love geeking out and other people's graphs, but there are ways around it. Great. So you can say you just need that information, you put that in, your graph comes out and it tells you what your energy type is. And then there's a bit of information that they can get from you. They could just download that which will walk them through the basics, right? But my advice is, you have a conversation with you, you you kind of go through it. There's lots of things that you can help them with, but really, if you've if you have listened to any listening to this and thought yeah, I'm curious to know what my energy type is what my body graph is, then please go ahead and do this because I'm a little bit sceptical. I love I do love a bit of work I'm not gonna lie I do love a bit of work but there's part of my brain that goes right now give me some facts give me some stuff I can really get my teeth stuck into but when I after I'd done that and had that conversation with you a lot of things kind of fell into into place so if you are have listened to this episode, and you are curious, please do go and doesn't you want nothing to lose, it's free for you to do it. So you might as well find out a little bit more but if if you then feel that you'd like to get more access to Steph, all obsessed links are in the show notes. So please do follow you've got your own podcast as well. So they can listen along to that as as well but is there so they do that? They find out their energy type? And then then what would your advice be?

Steph Russell: 42:47

start experimenting download my ebook would be the next thing because that will give you detail in there a bit more detailed written detail about the energy types and the centres and chakras but start experiment in Human Design is an experiment okay? Because sometimes people say to me, I don't believe you are black. It's not a belief system. It's an experiment and it's a reflective process. start experimenting with your strategy and authority. So a strategy and I'll just going to really quickly whizz over these strategy for a generator or manifesting generator is to respond respond from to the cosmic trail of breadcrumbs I like to say left from the universe from when you wake up in the morning. Does it feel a hell yes. Now this takes brave and courageous action for business owners that have created from a real what I'd say masculine energy because they're like, I can't cancel that might be freaking well can because trust me, you can absolutely do whatever you want because you want to give people the best of you not what's left to view. So you're going to respond to those cosmic trail of breadcrumbs respond to that. If it's not a hell yes, it means hell no. Also thing there just because some it's a hell no now doesn't mean it's a hell no forever. And a decision that we make is a decision that's based right now, and is temporary because everything's temporary. So that's the strategy for generating and managing projectors, your strategy is being I like to say open to receive invitations. Part of that is recognising yourself, recognise and seeing yourself for how frickin amazing you are as the guide of life. And then just start to notice in your life, when have I received invitations of things have really flowed when I received invitations and things have felt really good and at ease, and just be open to receiving and start to look at what invitations look like and feel like for you. And then for a manifester, that strategy of initiating you can initiate from that creative surge of inspiration. But also inform your audience inform your clients inform your loved ones of the action that you're taking, because you are powerful rare, you don't want to knock everybody off their seats, so nobody can join you on the train. You want them on the train joining the journey if they're right for you. So really initiating and informing. And then for reflectors, that strategy really working with your lunar cycles working with these natural cycles in decisions that you take in action that you're in strategies that you're using to really check in over that sort of 28 day period. How are things fit in? When do I feel certain things? Do I feel honoured do I feel off like I'm really leaning to that so start there, and then experiment also with your authority, which again, if you if you download the ebook, I've got information on there about the your authority as well and the different authorities and how you can really harness those within your life and business.

Nichola Page: 45:31

Amazing. All right, you're probably going to need to listen to this.

Steph Russell: 45:36

Do you know what if this, it's okay, right? Trust that you're going to take from it what you need at the time, trust that your body energetically will receive and I'm telling you now I am an activator. So I will activate you. I'm not even going to say sorry, right? I'm just going to own it because she is going to come to the surface from this from you listening to this podcast, life transforming stuff that really will blow. Blow your whole world up that will allow you to become so open to receiving things and become that magnet. So

Nichola Page: 46:09

yeah, brilliant. Oh, thank you. It's been an absolute pleasure listening to you. I mean, every time I hear you speak, it just reinforces the fact that I need to make sure I'm constantly in alignment with what my energy is. And sometimes I forget that fact. So thank you for that. And thank you for listening to this episode. I hope you found it useful. I just got you curious to know more about what energy type you are and how you might use it in your business. And if you do want access to Steph more access to Seth, you can find all of her links in the show notes and I do personally recommend that you connect with her and find out a little bit more so but that's it. That's us done. Thank you again, Steph, for your time very much appreciated. Thank you for listening. And if you have enjoyed this episode, don't forget to share, subscribe and leave a review. So that's it. I'll see you on the next episode. Bye for now.

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